What to know about childhood obesity


Childhood obesity has become prevalent in the developed countries. In the US alone, 25% of the children are overweight, and about 11% are obese. This is due to larger portion sizes, excessive intake of sugar and reduction in physical activity and outdoor play. These are the key factors that contribute to the rise in the rate of childhood obesity throughout the world. Over-consumption of calories and lack of physical activity are the main factors that lead to childhood obesity.

Causes of childhood obesity

The exact factors that support childhood obesity may not understand but, it is proven that obesity can occur when the level of energy intake exceeds the energy expenditure by children. Genetic factors also play a part in childhood obesity, but it is not the only factor to look at when trying to determine the causes of childhood obesity. Other outside factors like lifestyle preferences, cultural conditions, and environmental factors can lead to childhood obesity. Other factors are:

Soft drinks

Taking soft drink has on the rise among children, and that is a significant cause of childhood obesity.softdrinks


Improper regulation of calories intake is a factor since children consume foods that are high in calories and so not spent the calories on any activity.

Physical activity

Various studies have shown that non-physical activities like playing video games contribute much to obesity. Most children in today’s age do not like outdoor games but prefer watching television programs and computer games. Lack of participation in physical education and sports can lead to obesity in children.

Ways of preventing childhood obesity

Right diet

Doctor encourage parents to ensure their children take the right diet to reduce the chances of drastic obesity in children. Less time in front of the TV and family dinners instead of TV can work as advertisers target this age group and this influences their eating habits.

Physical activity

playingHaving a neighborhood with a safe place to play sports and schools that encourage physical activities as part of school work is the first step to get out children to the field.

Obesity is a disorder which can even be due to depression and physical and mental problems. Digestive and cardio diseases in adults are common causes of obesity. It can be detrimental even in children, and therefore it should be dealt with before it manifests itself in a child. Take control of your kid’s exercise and diet to prevent childhood obesity.