Shaving mistakes that can ruin your skin


Shaving can be transformative experience if it is done in the right manner. That baby’s smooth and soft skin that feels good when you shave brings you to a state of happiness. The back side is that shaving daily loss can cause cuts, uneven shaves and even worse effects on your skin.

Remember you are using a sharp razor on the skin and you want the surface to be slippery and spotless. The first thing to do before any shave is to clean your skin with soap in preparation for shaving. Washing and skin and hair with soft soap and warm water will soften the skin and hair.

Common shaving mistake that will ruin your skin

Using disposable sheets for long

The disposable shields used for shaving should be thrown once every week if you shave daily. Dead leaves probably lead to irritation, cuts, and razor bats while old ones can cause bacteria that may lead to various skin infections.shaver


Although shaking saves time, it normally causes small red bumps which can last days. Shaving cream and gel are made to slide the razor gently over your skin without pulling. You, therefore, need to avoid shaking to avoid these red bumps.

Shaving in the opposite direction of hair growth

Shaving in the opposite direction of your hair growth may help you to get a sharper shave, but it will cause pain. All the blunt end of your hair can also grow into your skin instead of on and off. This may cause problems to your skin.

Applying much pressure

As far as how hard you push the razor blade on the skin is concerned, you need to always keep in mind that it should be less. The harder you push the razor, the more irregular the skin surface will become since you will essentially be creating dimmers wherever the knife falls.

Avoid exfoliation before shaving

To avoid razor blades, ensure you use an exfoliator before you unpack the razor. This is because dead skin cells dry out and this makes it easy for you to shave the slides.

Exceeding moisturizing effect

moisturizeIt is wise that you hydrate your skin as soon as getting out of the shower. When applying moisturizers while the skin is moist, it helps to enclose everything. However, if you exceed this step, the skin top can be dried quickly and get dehydrated from the combination of shaving and exfoliates.

These are some of the shaving habits that can be detrimental to your skin. Ensure you follow the steps of shaving well to avoid causing damage to your skin.